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***Advance Notice*** - milessmiles productions presents "As Though I Had Wings: a suite for Chet Baker" at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music on Friday, June 24, 2016 at 7:00pm. Music and spoken word written, composed and arranged by Bill Stevens featuring Bill Stevens on trumpet, Josh Sinton on bari sax and bass clarinet, Corey Larson on guitar, Paul Pricer on upright bass and Brian Woodruff on drums. See blog post on the background and details on the suite as explained by Bill...

Announcing the Release of Bill's New Album - lema sabachthani

lema sabachthani, the 15 movement suite based on the series of paintings by the abstract expressionist artist Barnett Newman entitled "The Stations of the Cross" is now available for Download at CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon and Band Camp (see links below). The Barnett Newman Foundation has granted permission for the images of the paintings to be used as part of this project. The replication of the images on the 2 cd album version are stunning and crystal clear and can be purchased through the CD Baby, Amazon and Band Camp links below.

CD Baby



Band Camp

View the video to listen to Bill explain the inspiration behind his new album.

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